Meet Amelia Rockelein: New Owner and Innkeeper of the Historic Waldo Emerson Inn

We are excited to announce Amelia Rockelein as the new owner of the historic Waldo Emerson Inn in Kennebunk, Maine!

Amelia, who grew up in a warm and festive household in New Mexico, has always dreamt of becoming an innkeeper. As one of 14 children, she learned the importance of hospitality from her mother, who set a great example throughout her childhood.

After spending her career in the hospitality industry, Amelia found their dream inn along the coast of Maine. The Waldo Emerson Inn, an iconic sight on Summer Street, has a rich history that makes it the perfect place for Amelia to bring her passion for innkeeping to life. The couple purchased the inn in early January and are excited to make their guests feel right at home.

Built in 1753 by Waldo Emerson, the great uncle of essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, the inn has seen many notable occupants over the years. These include Theodore Lyman, after whom the York County town is named, and George Bourne, who built the iconic Wedding Cake House next door. The inn also served as a stop along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.

The Waldo Emerson Inn features a variety of charming guestrooms, each named after a previous owner, as well as two parlors and two dining rooms on the first floor. A map in the hallway displays pins from the countries of past guests, showcasing the inn’s global appeal. The building retains its historic charm through original hand-painted Wedgewood tiles, India shutters, and exposed beams that date back centuries.

Amelia’s personal touch and inherited hospitality create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. She particularly enjoys the evenings when guests gather in the parlors to chat and relax with a glass of wine. As a self-proclaimed caretaker of the inn, Amelia aims to continue the centuries-long tradition of warmth and hospitality.

As Amelia puts it, “We’re just here to have a good time. It’s not really my home. It’s everybody’s home.” With Amelia’s passion and dedication, we have no doubt that guests will feel right at home at the historic Waldo Emerson Inn.